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Hispaniola BeachHispaniola Beach

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20 January 2017

Students practice for February 27

19 January 2017

National Holiday 'dia de Altagracia'

18 January 2017

Whale watching in the Bay of Sosúa?

17 January 2017

Excellent party with El Lince de la Bachata

16 January 2017

Bar Central with a new façade

15 January 2017

Traffic police hunt for sticker-free cars

14 January 2017

Big Daddy's BBQ

13 January 2017

Típico Time in Pranitium Bar and Disco

12 January 2017

Strong winds and high waves devastate homes

11 January 2017

Toys for the children

Hispaniola Residencial Real EstateHispaniola Residencial Real Estate

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