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Hispaniola BeachHispaniola Beach

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19 October 2017

Sosúa Human Rights Derechos Humanos

18 October 2017

Solemn graduation Colegio Luis Hess

17 October 2017

Young and old participated in the 10K run

16 October 2017

Oktoberfest was again magnificent

15 October 2017

Darkness in many places in Sosúa

14 October 2017

AAASosúa sterilize dogs and cats

13 October 2017

A new cleaning plan for Sosúa

12 October 2017

Water stands at the front door

11 October 2017

Puerto Plata fastest growing tourist destination

10 October 2017

100 years Merengue big success

Hispaniola Residencial Real EstateHispaniola Residencial Real Estate

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Residencial Casa Linda

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Hotel Don Andres BBQ Party
Pablo Diddy
Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween

Update Pedro Clisante

Update Pedro Clisante Update Pedro Clisante Update Pedro Clisante

Hotel Voramar Power Hour

Arrival and Departure Puerto Plata

Arrival POPDeparture POP

What grows and flourishes in paradise

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