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5 October 2017

Purchase a new marbete

The management of the agency of internal taxes (la Dirección General de Impuestos Internos, DGII) announced that the new Marbete can be purchased from October 2 to January 8. The Marbete serves as proof that the car owner has paid his vehicle taxes. You have to stick the Marbete well visible on the right-hand part of the windscreen of the vehicle. To purchase the Marbete you need to provide a copy of the registration certificate (la Matrícula) of the vehicle. Car owners of vehicles older than five years pay 1500 pesos. Owners of vehicles that are less than five years old pay 3000 pesos. You can purchase a Marbete over the internet.
La Nacional
La Nacional
In Sosúa you can also purchase the Marbete at 'Asociacion La Nacional', the office is located opposite the police station.

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