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11 December 2017
I have heard from a reliable source that beginning December 15 it's legal to run over and bring to the local landfill both the Moto and the ignorant and disrespectful motoconcho operator for disposal, can any confirm
Bobble, Sosua

1 December 2017
Hey Chris, in Sosua,
Yeah, the police thing was kind of funny!
But, if you live in Sosua; you know what I am talking about better than anyone. I love the DR, I love Sosua, but the one thing that is awful about the country is the corruption. The corruption there is almost as bad as in the states! My only saving grace is that I look Dominican (at least that what the Dominicans tell me), so I can blend in and not be a target; unless I open my mouth to speak. So, I will just keep my mouth shut; stay away from the police and keep enjoying my frequent visits to the DR!
Bill, USA

1 December 2017
Bill, Thanks for the great laugh.
That is so funny. I agree, the police in the D.R. are Mafioso with a badge and a gun. They have the legal right to do what ever the F--k they want to extract money from the tourists as well as there own citizens, however they can. Extortion, bribes, threats and more, are all part of the bonus money divvied up at the end of the day. Sin verguenza.
Extra police = Christmas Bonus.
Chris, Sosua

29 November 2017
Thanks Sosua News on your article on banks rates. I will look for banco progresso. Where is it located in Sosua?
Louis, Canada

29 November 2017
Extra police in Sosua! LOl
Give me a break!
You must be joking!
That's the equivalent of putting more criminals on the streets at Christmas time! The police in the DR are criminals, and they are even worse in Sosua! LOL They rob tourist more than the people they are supposed to be catching! I know because they robbed me, so I am speaking from direct experience!
Bill, USA

26 November 2017
No problem.
Btw don't trust no one in sosua. No one's your friend. 90% of the people you meet see you as a bank with feet. and if the cops ask for money, food or a beer say no. If you say yes once it will be expected every time.
Sosua warrior, Ny

24 November 2017
Thanks Warrior.
Plus my back charges me $5.00 per transaction. Still safer than carrying a pile of cash.
Louis, Canada

22 November 2017
Louis you can take out 2 transaction a day at banco poplar. For a max of 10,000 pesos each. So that's 20,000 pesos in total per day I think it's 200 pesos per transaction. So to ball park it I say 10,000 =196.00 USD 200=3.75 usd.
Sosua warrior, Ny

5 November 2017
Josephine, or anyone,
when you take money out of a bank machine in Sosua, what is the charge and how much is the limit per transaction?
Thanks in advance.
Louis, Canada

5 November 2017
I would like to thank everyone so very much for coming out to El Choco last night. Marco Pompeo and Jacqueline were of course first class providing heartfelt hospitality second to none. They were one of the first establishments on the north coast to provide live entertainment to this area and their cuisine is so damn good. During your next visit I encourage you to stop in for the el choco experience, a delicious meal and live music, you wont be disappointed. Oh and every Tuesday they provide free appetizers and live music from 5-7pm. Their restaurant is called Parada tipica el choco at the entrance to the monkey jungle road directly across from the entrance to ocean village on the main highway and I am so proud to call marco my brother. To be honest, I was quite nervous before starting as it has been quite a long time between playing but my wife put my mind at ease reminding me that here your friends are your family.
Good to be home.
Denver Colorado, Sodua

4 November 2017
It look that you are really in love with that place. It's more a love and hate relationship for me. I have to come in winter but I couldn't live in the DR. I like to come and I like to escape. Hat off to you if you've found emotional stability with a native woman. So you are the one! In my 30's a year and a half bicycle trip made me cross the rocky mountains twice. I can imagine what your feelings are about the big nature. As far as I'm concerned I tend to see the wonder of 4,5 billions years of evolution but it's not a subject you can talk about with the dominicans. Not a problem.
Terry, Belgium

31 October 2017
Dam they got people on here at the end of there lives making funeral arrangements. Lol
Nick, USA

31 October 2017
Passions boring?
Am 33 years old how could passions be boring.
Nick, USA

31 October 2017
Right Terry,
Every time I leave Sosua, I take one last early evening stroll across the Sosua beach, with my Dominican Wife and our Son, and I must say, I always get emotional. As far as I'm concerned, Sosua and it's beach is the most beautiful place in the whole D.R. Punta Cana is too touristy for me, and Boca Chica is like the A--hole of Santo Domingo. I have already told my wife to put some of my ashes in the Bay and some on the top of Torres, as well as some in the Rocky mountains, west of Banff, back home in Canada. When I go to meet my maker, I will thank him for the extra effort put into this beautiful place. I can think of no other places I'd rather be when I go. As far as Passions is concerned, I don't need to frequent those places.
Chris, Sosua

29 October 2017
Sorry Nick but Passion was boring because it was a place out of the dominican world. And Sorry again but the view, the water and the atmosphere of sosua beach outperforms ten times the beach of Boca Chica. Who agrees with me upon the fact that this bay (or should I say MY bay) seen from the hills over los charamicos is one of the wonders of this country. Just walk the very steep road starting in front of the caribe tours bus station in los charamicos, take a left after 200 meters and take another left. The view will emrbrace the entire bay and the mountain of Puerto Plata. I wish not too early I could feel my last breath in a peaceful place like that.
Terry, Belgium

28 October 2017
I heard Pierre Giorgio Hotel in Sosua is closed, any news on this?
Nick, NYC, USA

26 October 2017
Ya Chris it will survive, I don't know on what. But whatever. passions was the only thing that was worth the overpriced plane fare to pop. was looking to sosua back but the beach at Boca chica is better & the hotel prices even better.
Nick, USA

25 October 2017
Probably had a bit to do with all the unwanted publicity Cuba Dave was giving it. Made the authorities and local government look a little harder at the activities going on there. Don't worry, Sosua will survive without Passions.
Chris, Sosua

25 October 2017
What happened to passions? Once they closed I know it was down hill for sosua.
Nick, USA

23 October 2017
Thanks All.
I will probably bring travelers checks. Don't want to be holding too much cash. I would rather not use the ATM much. I know the ATM charges are highway robbery over there, and I'd rather the banks kiss my arse than give them my hard earned money.
Louis, Canada

23 October 2017
I have been going to Sosua for 35 yrs. Been quite awhile since any reputable place would cash travellers cks. Even had my purse stolen and credit cards left with wallet as they are virtually unusable. If you want to risk it, fine. I certainly would not. ATMs work just fine and you are not dealing with sketchy people
Josephine, USA

21 October 2017
Every time I would go to Sosua there would be people like Josephine say they are no good there. The over 30 years going there I never had a problem. Just do what I'm telling you and you should not have a problem. If you want call Gary at the Spanky's bar befor you go, tell him you will be drinking at his bar and you like to cash American Express checks. He even has rooms there for rent to where you walk out into the bar.
Bill, Miami

18 October 2017
Travellers cks are basically useless in the DR. Not sure you can cash them anywhere. Used to be you could cash them at a bank if you had an account there. And then you had to wait 30 days for the cash. Use your ATM card.
Josephine, USA

18 October 2017
There is a guy if you are walking down on the right side pass Chassicos before you turn right there is little stores he is in one of those. He will exchange American Express for you. Now what they give you is up to you how strong you are. I all way told him that I would only deal with him and my 2 friends would to, so he would be exchanging a lot of money. So I all way got the market price, you will need your passport so he can make a copy. There others who will change for you too like the bar you go to a lot the owner will change them to. Go Spanky's see Gary the owner he change for us to, have fun and be safe.
Bill, Miami

18 October 2017
I know cash is king, but can you cash travelers checks in the D.R.? Where? and what is the charge for cashing them? American Express? or other? I will be there next month and could use the advice.
Louis, Canada

15 October 2017
Thanks Ron.
Found a piece of land for sale near Santo Domingo. Buying the land and building the my home 51k usd. So much better than that 132k -300k in sosua. I don't know where they get there pricing from. looks like they pull them out a hat.
Rick, Chicago

15 October 2017
More information
Carvel, Chicago/USA

13 October 2017
The prices for foreigners are very different than for Dominican citizens. Try using a Dominican agent to step in between you and the seller Rick and see the difference that will make.
Good Luck.
Ron, USA

12 October 2017
why is it that the real estate in and around sosua are so way over priced? I so a couple of properties and let me tell you I felt as if I was home shopping in New York.
Rick, Chicago

9 October 2017
The one with the most money would go to jail. And you will pay a lot of money to get out.
Bill, Miami

8 October 2017
Some guy at classicos yelled at me in front of everyone I wanted to hit him so bad. But I'm not getting caught up in a foreign country. What would happen if a fight insured.
Jak til, Queens

8 October 2017
I heard a good friend of mine was dead he own the hotel up the side street from the Plaza Europa his name was Fred. First is this true and dose anybody know the name of the hotel now and the E-mail thank you.
Peter, Miami

2 October 2017
Ron, sorry my bad.
What a shame. Global warming, and it will probably only get worse as we continue to over populate and pollute our planet. Something has to give. What are all those filthy rich politicians, greedy businessmen and oil tycoons going to do with all that money when it all comes down? Fly off to another inhabitable planet in there private spaceship?
chris, sosua

29 September 2017
Infinity blue is on playa Imbert. The web cam from the hotel clearly shows the wonderful little beach that I pesonaly walked on and took many picture of before Maria destroyed it. See for yourself
Ron, USA

28 September 2017
infinity blue is not on the beach. It's on a cliff side of rocks.
chris, sosua

26 September 2017
The Infinity Blue webcam shows the beach completely destroyed by Maria. No more sand just rocks. Check it out before you go.
ron, usa

26 September 2017
We are travelling to Sosua in the new year, has power been restored in the Infiniti Blu complex? Also wondering about the situation of the restaurants, any info would be appreciated. So sorry for the Dominicans having to go thru these hurricanes, so sad

26 September 2017
Hey how are you. I love your web site. Can you find out if s osua sunrise aka casa cayena has a new owner and if is open for business ezs.

22 September 2017
I recently applied for a Residency Visa. I was told that Santo Domingo denied my application. Have you any experience in this matter? I am 2 months away from Construction on a new villa and 3 years away from relocation to DR. What would you recommend to get a favorable Approval?
Edwin, USA

22 September 2017
Hotel Bellamar is owned by the same guy that stole millions of dollars from investors. Armando
big AC, FRance

22 September 2017
richard, sosua

22 September 2017
Firstly. God bless you all in the hurricanes We arrive dec1st for 3 months in Sosua We are seniors and bringing the grandchildren Dec 18th for 2 weeks Love reading your news Have spoken to owners of Businesses there. From Canada Love to bring something there for you
Bill and Rita

14 September 2017
Sorry for the delay in writing but Irma was close. All the resorts are fully operational and Hotel Bellamar has a great view of Sosua Bay. Come and enjoy!

14 September 2017
I am planning a trip Oct.25. Checking to see if everything in Sosua is ok. i am staying at the Extraordinary Hotel Bellamar is ok? or should I get another hotel. thanks
sherman, los angeles

11 September 2017
So happy to hear Sosua has weathered the storms and come through Irma and Jose so well. I am planning to visit there in January (my fourth trip to Sosua). You are great people!
Rob, Canada

11 September 2017
Sosua's tourism has plummeted sharply over the last decade and not because more American men are going there now. Once upon a time, Sosua had many venues. there was something for everyone. especially on the west end. But throughout the years, local officials kept shutting down venues w/o replacing them w/new businesses & now they remain in ruins as eyesores on the main street. And reminders of Sosuas golden age. local officials have no idea what to do. DLatinos has been closed 4+ yrs now. rumbas has been closed for a while. now bourbon street is closed? Lets see how long it takes for new businesses to replace them. Notice how officials whittled away the most popular places on clisante. Sosua officials have really shot themselves in the foot by shutting down businesses & not replacing them with something else. You could tell by all the changes (& lack thereof) there's way more to it than meets the eye. They say 'lets upgrade it', make it more 'family friendly'. Shup up & do something! cause its not fair to tourists, residents & the remaining businesses there. shutting down venues & not replacing them creates a bottleneck effect w/ppl on clisante between Rosen & duarte. you have more ppl than places for them to go. But the 'gringos' are to blame for Sosua's demise. yeah tell that to the hoteliers, taxistas, bus services, bar, club & restaurant owners & politicians that we've made very wealthy.
Tommy, Queens

8 September 2017
As for my experiences in the Dominican Republic over the years I have admit that I have met some of the nicest people to be found. As an ex sailor in the USN I've traveled extensively (just returned from Bangkok Thailand and Beijing China not long ago) and I've seen several sides of human nature in the natives and tourists alike. Unlike some of these posts I always remain mindful that I am a guest in these wonderful places and every native is my host... old fashioned maybe but I've found that very seldom are respectful and gracious visitors attacked, robbed or duped when they create alliances instead of victims. One must remember that money is scarce to some natives but their honor and dignity is not for sale. I've seen the tricks and the treats out there and the treats mightily outweigh the trickery. BTW I'm African American male, the owner of businesses and come and go in the world as I chose but I never ever lose sight of the obvious... to get respect one must give respect and the man or woman who treats someone with anything else should tear up their passport and stay home. A shout out to John, Mercedes and the crew at Casa Valeria... will see you on 9/26/17.
Rodney, Baltimore

4 September 2017
Bill your another lost soul. Seems you travel to my island to engage in prostitution. Which is illegal in your country. Isn't that right bill. Understand this billy boy Dominicans are a strong breed. Like I told your friend if you can't box don't jump in the ring. And if you haven't figured it out yet am dominican. So stay home bill.
Johnny, San Juan

23 August 2017
Right on Chris will see how Brave Johnny is when it hits him and it will. 32 years never thought anything could happen to me, but when it happen I don't care how tough you think you are when you feel you could lose everything you build in your life go down the drain you would do what I did.
Bill, Miami Beach

23 August 2017
The worlds a tough place and Johnny's a tough guy that likes to use tough words. Sounds like he's been in the boxing ring a few too many times.
chris, sosua

21 August 2017
Spanky's Bar has finally decided to have a celebration of Life for Larry on Thursday next when his ashes arrive. This will be his final send off to the high beyonder where we all must go after this life. Thanks for listening because Larry was a good friend and always looked after his patrons at Spankys and Campo Bars over many many years.
Ray Stone

21 August 2017
I was in Sosua in July to celebrate my Birthday. The night before my Bday I took a girl back to my apartment. She was a dark skinned women. I asked her if she was Haitian. She reply no that she is 100% Dominican. We had drinks at the apt. and I believe that she slipped something in my drink because I was totally knocked out. I was awakened by her telling me that the police wanted me downstairs. I was very groggy and dis oriented I managed to walk to the door and look outside to see what was happening. She ran out ahead of me. when I turned around and looked in the apartment i discovered that I had been robbed. My safe door was open all my money was gone all my jewelry was gone and my cell phone. So this was truly the worst birthday in my life. I would advise anyone don't put your drink down where someone can have access to it. I usually use a combination for my safe but in this case the combination part of the safe was not working so she went through all of my stuff and found the key to the safe. This is what makes a great place like Sosua so bad. You think that you can trust people but they have one thing in mind ripping you off. Not all girls are the same. There are really some nice ones there who just want to put food on the table. But how do you know which is which? The worst part about this is that it could have been prevented if the security guards had waited for me to come outside and tell them that it is O.K to let the girl go. But if you ask me I believe she paid them. Everyone there seems to think that all Americans are rich. Even when you bring the police into the picture they are only looking to see how much they can get paid. I will be going back soon but I can definitely say that things will be real different. So remember everyone there is poor and you cannot trust security or police. The only thing that matters there is the Dollar.
Mr D

21 August 2017
Why when I call a Chicago on her phone they don't answer back
Jak til, Queens ny

18 August 2017
Chris u can't be serious. You must be white
U sound like an idiot.
Johnny, San juan

17 August 2017
I'm not a fighter, I'm a lover.
Sorry you feel that it's O.K. that bad stuff happens to people. The worlds a hard place, but it doesn't have to be. If you have the mindset that it's a hard place, and are a cold person that has no compassion for other people, as Jak described, then your just a Trump wannabe.
chris, sosua

16 August 2017
I came back from sosua and it was like the vibe was so different like it was a type of coldness and lack of compassion for life that I felt there it was different in 2013
Jak til, Queens ny

10 August 2017
I see a lot of soft people on here. The world's a hard place get use to it. I been to sosua several times for weeks on end. Never had problems. You know what they say if you can't box don't jump in the ring.
Johnny, San Juan

8 August 2017
Bill, I feel for you.
This is something that is very wrong. I too have had items stolen by Girls there, and I wasn't even trying to pick one up. I just wanted to get out and have a few beers. Some of the people there can be very sneaky. Drugs, gangsta culture, disease, it's all there for the taking now. Too bad, because it's such a beautiful place that has turned into such a cesspool of delinquents. There is a different mentality there now than there was years ago. I agree with Roxanne, nothing you or I say on this forum will ever change what has already changed, unfortunately. All we can do is vent. I know you have to watch yourself there, but what happened to you is beyond your control. Everyone will have to meet there maker some day. I don't pretend to be better than anyone but I do have some self respect and try to remain humble, friendly, and keep a good sense of humor. But if that happened to me I would be really pissed off. I'm not sure what I would do, I might just tell the Girl to F-off and change Hotels before she came back with the Mafia. Might have cost you less and given you some satisfaction. Could have been a case of mistaken identity. I will continue to travel back and forth to Sosua as there are many things I love about the place, but I'm sorry to see some of the way the culture has adapted.
chris, sosua

7 August 2017
Hey Chris,
Thanks for your response. I totally agree with you on a lot of your points. Not all but some do beat there chest and act like they are a little bit better. I know for sure they do not act like that in the states. I do not agree with all that happens in Sosua, but I do not know if it will every change.
Roxanne, North Carolina-US

4 August 2017
I'm talking about my last trip there. One night as I was going to my hotel, got to the gate the guard and girl was there. She said I have to pay here money from when she was with me. I never seen this girl ever before. She said she will get the police if I don't pay her. She was acting crazy so I pay her to get rid of her. I told the manger the next day he felt bad for me. Thinking it was all over I was told later that day that manager needed to talk to me. He said the girl has a lawyer is going to charge me with beating her up and she is going to have a baby, and Pics of marks on her body. Now I've never seen the girl ever but with the law, the one with the money is all way wrong. So the manager and the guard when with me to meet with the lawyer and girl. They where going to send the paper work in to have me arrested. Knowing if you let it go farer on to court you still will never win. So I cut it of there settle on a payment. Knowing that if I when to court I would be in jail and would never win and lose everything back home. For 32 years never had a problem like this and there is nothing you can do but pay and get the hell out of there. I'm not happy because I love Sosua and was thinking of living there, but never will until they clean it up and I know it's save again.
Bill, Miami Beach

4 August 2017
I know not everyone is the same. Everyone grows up with different morals and standards. I'm sure by the way you express yourself in your letter, that your a very nice and respectable person. All I'm saying, is that there are a lot of Americans coming here that have no respect for anyone including themselves. I'm sure their Mama's would be ashamed to see how they behave in public. Even I feel embarrassed for them. I suppose they are just looking for attention, but these guys act like they just got out of jail, or are about to go into one. Please Guys, have a little class and self respect for yourself as well as for others. Then you will get respect. Right now there are many guys who act like some kind of out of control orangutan, beating there chests and trying to act alpha male. Maybe your Momma should have slapped you upside the head a little more often.
Respect earns Respect...
chris, sosua

3 August 2017
I would agree that some of the Black American's are somewhat boisterous, but most are very friendly. My husband and I have been coming to Sosua for 11 years at least twice a year. I am from the South and I feel I am very friendly. I have felt some not all of the Europeans are not very friendly. It is just your culture. I am always speaking to people, but every culture might be like that.
Roxanne, USA

3 August 2017
Chris your so right I was going to Sosua for 32 years. Back in the old days I was going there, where only Germens running Sosua a lot of fun and never any problems. But now these one a be gangster style are a big problem there. They do not respect the Sosua people. The last time I was there I had a big problem there because of the way the girls have change and only want to rip you off. So I cut my trip short and got the hell out of there. When they get all the trash out of Sosua and it goes back like it was before then I will feel safe in going back again.
Bill, Miami Beach

2 August 2017
'Not exactly sweet and innocent or very refined'.
You are damn right Chris
Terry, Belgium

1 August 2017
What I mostly see here are Canadians and Europeans setting up businesses in Sosua. They were here long before the Americans discovered the BEAUTY this island has to offer. There are Americans as well. Un-fortunately most of the Americans I see coming here are very loud and boisterous, and are only here to get the most BANG for as little a buck as they can. I'm sorry to say what I see, but what I do see is Americans bringing there style of culture here with them when they come. No matter where people are from, they bring there culture with them. The style of culture I see a lot of Americans bringing here is not exactly sweet and innocent or very refined, and could many times be defined as being on the verge of gangster style.
Sorry, as I see it.
chris, sosua

31 July 2017
I was deeply disturbed by the recent article on Sosua Beach Bars that asserted Americans were fueling the Prostitution and bad situations here in Sosua. As a resident of Sosua i would like to personally attest to the fact that Sosua wouldnt be what it is if it werent for the input and investments from americans both black and white Americans are known here for their generosity and kindness. And as a rule are better recieved by the dominican natives because of this. Other groups have a reputation o fbeing more closed fisted and closed minded, except when it cones to underaged Haitian girls. Some writers inthe feedback openly honor and respect people who are known criminals, and go out of their way to support and promote their businesses. That being said, it would do well to acknowledge value of all tourists whocome gere and spend their money as opposed to trying to sway the crowd into velieving ine group is of more calue tha another
Junior Smith, U.S.A.

27 July 2017
Face the facts. POS
Bob, USA

26 July 2017
Yes its closed again by police and he dont obbey the rules. Its a shame years ago rancho tipico was perfect to go dance And meet latina gurls
Patrick, Rotterdam

25 July 2017
Is it true that the Chaka Bar has already been closed, where it was previously Rancho Tipico?

Yes, it is closed again!

24 July 2017
Too bad about Ads new adventure at Rancho typico. they tell me it's been closed pos.
Bob, USA

14 July 2017
Ad has a new rancho tipico and gonna be open soon.
Patrick, Rotterdam

14 July 2017
So AMET wants to enforce laws which translate to huge fines based on missing items 'IN' the vehicle. Of course these items are not available so they can nail near everyone. As we all know, a fire extinguisher will not stop a crash! Although this is targeted at Gringos, it's the locals who will pay the price with increased transportation costs which then translates to lost jobs and a higher crime rate. Want to do something useful, do real safety checks on all vehicles instead of being bribed to allow the junk that is on the road creating a hazard to human life. If AMET is looking for a cash cow, they should really enforce safety based laws! or get a multinova speed camera like they do in N
Thomas, Canada

26 June 2017
do you have some news concerning sunrise hotel, still open or close?
Richard Fournier

26 June 2017
Is ad back a rauncho típico? Pos
Bob, USA

20 June 2017
Ad has a long history in Sosua of opening and closing bars.
Bob, USA

4 June 2017
this I not understand. If all beaches have to be accessible freely, why does no one sued the hotel management? Here is clearly violated the Dominican law.

19 May 2017
Real shame that ad's new bar is having problems. I can't imagine why. It's not fair.
Bob, USA

17 May 2017
Is there any transport from Sosua to Las Terrenas?
Geoff, Sonoma, California

10 May 2017
Sosua or Boca Chica?

4 May 2017
is the peter from disco high Caribbean same Peter that used to own passions?
brian, canada

28 April 2017
Why are Doctors in the Dominica Republic especially in Puerto Plata and Sosua such a damn bunch of liars when it come to operations. They take your money and tell you they have preformed the best operation possible using the latest technology and equipment which is a big fat damn lie. They lie and they lie and get away with it. They charge high prices and do absolutely nothing and hope you die especially if you are a Gringo. What a bunch of liars. Don't take their word for anything. They are not worthy of any Practice.
ray, Toronto

21 April 2017
POS Ad is at it again. All the best
Bob, USA

9 April 2017
Sosua and Cabarete and good towns to Visit or stay in but don't go alone at night. Especially on the Beach in Cabarete, The local girls will rob and take everything you have. They control the beach in Cabarete and watch for the time to take your wallet and run. They are so good at it and have no remorse. It is a way of living and taking. They think everyone who visit these towns are rich and they are poor. In the night all the locals look alike and one would be unable to report who stole your money or belongings. If you did, the local police would back up the locals and would think that you are the one who is at fault not the locals. The police would would want part of the action and ask for money themselves in order to assist.
What a Hute!
stoner, Toronto Can

3 April 2017
Sosua has been going down hill for a number of years, but the last 3 or 4 years has really seen a nose dive. At the same time we have seen some recent new construction and an increase in families, which includes locals. Hopefully the positive can continue.
The last few years has seen an increase in misfits and I'll-bred rejects from the USA visiting and often overstaying their 30 visas. Some of these folks even illegally operate businesses on the beach and in town. They have little to no respect for Dominican customs, culture or laws. As long as these types continue to exist, the central part of town will struggle to turn things around.
Authorities should be more diligent in ensuring that gringo owned businesses are operating legally. In addition, the town may want to consider changing the guest policies at the hotels if it wants to attract higher value visitors.
Sosua can be made great again if these types of issues are addressed. To do nothing means Sosua will continue to attract the bottom of the barrel from the USA. The demise of Sosua has been both preventable and predictable because local officials have not had the courage to sustain a crackdown on the riff raft. In the short term, there will be some collateral damage, but it is necessary for long term viability and improvement.
Sosua Sam, USA

31 March 2017
Anotherr gringo rip off.
My friend and I took the metro bus from Sosua to Samana and back. On the way back we were hustled at the park by a Dominican who grabbed our bags to take to the bus, which was maybe 15 feet away. And of course he then demanded a large tip. Luggage was placed on the bus and the driver and he both tried to get us to leave the bus and leave the luggage there. Not happening. We did not want to lose anything from our luggage. The driver then demanded we pay our fare, which is not how it is done. They collect the fare about halfway back to Sosua. We were somewhat confused with all that was going on. He double charged us which we did not realize till the following day. Fare is 400 pesos one way. We paid 800. Plus were fearing that he would collect yet again when collecting from the other passengers. Why is it that they feel they can rip us off just because we are gringos or confused or both at the time. Needless to say that when we realized we had been had, we were angry as well as disappointed. Know your fare. And do not allow anyone to just grab your luggage. This type of action certainly does not encourage tourism. I have spent a lot of time in the Dominican and am extremely disappointed with this type of behaviour.
Joyce, USA

15 March 2017
The motoconcho are killing people at Sosua and the major is running after the little girl on the street. Very good organisation at Sosua
Viva la politic de Sosua
Jacques, Chiasson

15 March 2017
I would warn tourist from taking a Monoconcho or motor bike after dark. I took one from the Casino and was driven away from where I ask him to take me. He drove with me on the back at rapid speed and up this dark road with no lights for about ten minutes. He hit me in the head with his elbow and left me for dead by a wire fence after he stole all my money. This was 1:30 am. No lights and I had no sense of direction. I waited for awhile, bleeding by the fence trying to get my life back. The moon came out and I walked towards a light in the far distance. It was light over a porch and the dogs were tied but barked loudly. A man came out and saw how badly I was injured and drove me back to the Hotel. I was bleeding badly and patched up but survived. I was one of the lucky one. Just don't take a ride on one of these motor bikes since the drivers are animals. They will kill and rob you for a dime. They don't have any respect for human life. Sosua is getting worst by the day and especially at night.
toner, Toronto, Canada

27 February 2017
President Danilo Medina of the Dominican Republic gave a truly wonderful speech on Independence Day. Let's hope that local people and leaders can learn and live up to his inspiring vision for the present and future of this country!
James Klein, Ottawa, Canada

27 February 2017
Tourists really enjoy the lively and friendly atmosphere of downtown Sosua where they can people-watch and chat with the local population and other tourists. However, they find it utterly disgusting and repulsive when they witness the local Cestur police randomly arrest women who are just walking down the street, and who are not breaking any law. This habitual illegal practice by the Cestur police is a violation of international human rights, and should be stopped immediately. Who is in charge of the Cestur police anyway? Why do the Sosua authorities allow this unlawful and disgraceful behaviour on the part of the police to continue? Tourists who see ladies being arrested for no reason by the police feel upset and disgusted. Such actions by the police do not protect tourists or promote tourism. It is really time for a radical change in Cestur police mentality and attitudes!
Jean Pierre, Toronto, Canada

27 February 2017
I wanting to stay in Sosua, but after reading the remarks I may not. I have never been to Dominican Republic is the crime getting out of hand in Sosua?
Chris, Grenville KY

23 February 2017
The towns Mayor seems to be more interested in fluff and photo opts. then governance. Anticipate a severe spike in crime in Sosua soon. A turely unnessesary shame! I hope I'm wrong.
Eric, USA

22 February 2017
Is there any plan by local authorities to replace street lights that burned out a long time ago? Some downtown areas are very dark, and tourists are fearful about walking in these places. Are the people in charge serious about promoting tourism?
If so, fix the lights!
Jacques, Montreal, Canada

21 February 2017
The potholes are already breaking up. Who's running this town anyway?
What a joke... Unfortunately a bad joke
Bob, Usa

19 February 2017
I think it completly immoral to do what the policy are doing to the girl walking in the street at sosua. You cannot put in jail a girl who walk on the side walk and going to the discoteque. The mayor instead of going to the church should walk on the street one night to see what is going on.
jacques chiasson, quebec canada

16 February 2017
Absolutely, I was in Punta Cana for New Years weekend.

16 February 2017
I enjoyed reading your comments, that was some funny shit. Some people just don't get it
Jose, usa

14 February 2017
Yes, is closed
mtlguy, montreal

10 February 2017
What ever happened to El Colibri Resort? did they close it down? I see the website is N.L.A.
mike, canada

8 February 2017
Your 'white' brother from a different mother is still here, and still a punk lol. I thought you forgot me man. Anyway L, I'm so glad you know me enough and my sick sense of humor to know my intentions when I poke the grizzly with a stick. You of all people can attest that I am no racist bigot. I'll write you soon brother. Hope we meet again for fish and drinks at Mofongo.

7 February 2017
You long winded punk. What's up my friend... Glad you are still alive. I thought I left my email address for you. I was in Punta Cana for the New year.

6 February 2017
What is going to happen to immigration after crazy arresting of gringos in Sousa/ Cabarete especially since Dominican Republic is receiving monies from the US and China for investment in the country and it treats tourist like this
Cathy Kent, Cabarete

6 February 2017
you want to have no tourist? Reaaly? Wow
Mason, NYC

5 February 2017
I am a frequent visitor to the Dominican. This has become a country with no consistent law. Either for the citizens or the visitors. I understand it's a third world country, OK. Arresting tourists who are committing no crime is the last straw for me. I'm going were someone wants my money and my presence.
Good bye.
Craig, USA

5 February 2017
So now government authorities in their 'great wisdom' are hustling and fining tourists, and locking them up for several hours in a bus for not showing identification on the spot. This use of authority certainly does not promote tourism. Every tourist returns to their home country and reports on their vacation experiences. If tourists report that the government and local police in the Dominican Republic are not tourist friendly, people will choose to travel to other countries, and not to the Dominican Republic. Therefore, arresting and fining the tourists in Sosua produced a short term financial gain of a few thousand dollars for the immigration officers, and a long term financial loss of perhaps several hundred thousand dollars for the local population and business owners. Now in Sosua, not only the ladies walking down the street legally who are arrested and fined illegally by the Cestur have to run from the officers, but now the tourists have to run from men in uniform as well. This town is going downhill fast owing to short-sighted, idiotic thinking and decisions of authorities in charge.
Jacques, Montreal, Canada

5 February 2017
tourist being picked up after 30 days, what a mess, having people stay on a school bus, no a/c, no toilet for 7 hours, certainly a disgrace of what they did. Let me state the obvious, it's there country they can do what they want, and there are many people here illegally staying here for years, but instead 'immigration is targeting tourist' wow... The blue tourist card we fill when entering indicates how long we are staying and where. pay up front at the airport, instead they decide to pick up people, no warning!
joe, canada

30 January 2017
Yes Ray and Sue sold the restaurant and now him and a partner have the 4-wheeler rental business beside the pizza restaurant.
peter, canada

28 January 2017
Hi Bill
A message has been sent to Ray asking him to see your post here in SN. Also, Ray I have been told that Ray sold the restaurant last year.
Jason, DR

26 January 2017
I'm looking for an email address for the Britania Pub Grill resteraunt. I'd like to get in touch with the owner Ray to say hola and ask him about long term rental. Hope you will help.
Thank you.
Barry, Capreol Ontario Canada

21 January 2017
Hey Bill,
I think it has more to do with the Sosua News having associations with a few bars and restaurants in town more than it does with any race choices. I own a restaurant in town and wonder why they don't come to my place (and I advertise here) and take pics for the "who's here" section as well. I don't feel this is a racially motivated thing. More of an old boy network thing. I serve many African American men and am happy to have them at my place. If we can get Sosua News in with their camera then we will both be happy.
M, Sosua

20 January 2017
Dear Sir or Madam,
I am very much interested in the article about the best breakfast in Sosua from December 30th 2011. Is the little restaurant to go for breakfast still there, can I book the hotel too? I would be thankful if you can help me with all the needed information.
Many thanks to you in advance. I'll await your reply.
Best regards
Mercedes Miller

13 January 2017
Anyone know why Victorian House is closed again and when it will re-open. Even the web site is down!
Shiverin, Canada

12 January 2017
Yesterday someone pulled a person - I believe a boy - out of the ocean at Alicia beach. A group of men placed him on a lounge chair and carried him away. Does anyone know if he is OK? The water at Alicia beach is not safe right now. Prior to the incident mentioned above, a young man swam out and pulled a man to shore. Someone, somehow let people know about the water at Alicia Beach not being safe.
Gloria, USA

8 January 2017
Haven't been to Sosua in 31/2 years and it was strange then. The main street was closed off most of the clubs were closed and the girls would run from the cops. What's the deal today down there?
Big Cat, USA

6 January 2017
Bill has a dream!
A dream of the glorious day when he and Mike are the first African Americans to get the last table at Don Andres and El Choco restaurant for a Polaroid during Sosuas first black history month celebration. Maybe you'll be the first to drink from the new water fountain at the Jewish memorial park also. As far as missing your point I think it's obvious that the point has been proven. You've found another outlet to cleverly disguise and promote your ethnic pride under the banner of racism. Here's a thought! If you feel your people are being discriminated against, why not change your destination of choice to a more 'black friendly' spot in paradise where you can make a ground floor contribution to culture and history where the attitude of white supremacy you fear is non existent? Lots of luck. Surly a country like Cuba would be greatly enriched by learning the latest fashion and how to sport their Hanes boxers around the knees not to mention the role model you gents would be for future generations of young black Americans. Congrats Bill, you may never succeed in getting AL Sharpton's selfie on Sosua beach but you have no doubt rallied the troops and started your civil rights movement. Man, I'm so tired of listening to the poor black man's Negro spiritual being played on the bachata violin in the key of C Sharpton. lol. Furthermore, please stop putting the news staff on your burning cross of personal bigotry. Sosua has been historically a white Euro destination. It only in the past 7 years that the landscape of color started to change and yes. many of the folks that have been recognized on the site have been coming here much longer. If you want to be part of the fold, may I suggest you swallow your pride and white phobia and go spend a few bucks in the 'white establishment' where the sheep get notoriety? I'm sure you would quickly discover that the color of money in this town is more important than a man's skin and you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that you are treated with respect and warmly welcomed. Maybe you'll even make a friend and find yourselves in the who's who section tommorow.
Marco, North coast D.R

5 January 2017
It is doubly disrespectful to start off saying 'with all due respect', and then say something very disrespectful! Your comments are so far off base that they don't even warrant a response! You never argue with an idiot because from a distance no one can tell the difference between to two. I was not trying to say anything about anyone keeping the black man down. I am a black man and I am far from down. And, for your information, there are millions of us in the US, and Billions of us if you count the entire world. So no, we are not down in fact I'm so up I go to Sosua 6/7 times a year from the US, and each time I bring 7/10 new So-Up Black men with me, and yes, we join many others on a 747 that is Sousua bound! And, we will come an enjoy ourselves, just like everyone else. My feedback was regarding a simple thing that I noticed in Sosua news, which could be solved by the news paper folks just going out and taking pictures of what is in front of them every day, but, just like you, they missed the point. Their solution to my small complaint was for me to take pictures of me and my friends and send them so they could be posted!
That makes no sense!
You want me to take pictures of something that you see everyday!
You and Sosua news have totally missed the mark on this one. Sosua news' response was disappointing, but your commentary boarded on racist foolishness!
Bill, USA

5 January 2017
I just wanted to say your comments are totally correct and on point. I have also been a very regular reader of Sosua News for the same reasons as yourself, I have also noticed that the pics in the Who Is There section portray a different Sosua then what I see during my visits there. I think we can all agree the pics in this section are racially one sided and it has often crossed my mine as to why this is the case.
I have never commented on this site before I felt the need to do so in this case. If a individual who had never visited Sosua before was to visit this website and look at the pics in this Who Is There section one would easily get the opinion that Sosua is only visited by Europeans. Overall I enjoy reading Sosua News and all the various topics it covers, maybe the photographers are primarily posting pics of people they know but I just thought this should be brought to the Editors attention.
Thanks for bringing up this point Bill as I am sure there are many other readers who have thought the same. Other then this topic I would like to say keep up the good work to the staff at Sosua News and may these comments above make this a better online newspaper.
Kind Regards,
Mike, Calif, USA

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